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These are actual things we’ve heard Durham students say this week, and it’s disturbing

Excuse me?

We all unintentionally listen in on other people's conversations, especially if they sound juicy. You'll hear totally bizarre things and be left guessing as to why that would ever come up in a conversation.

Here are some of the stuff we heard students say this week:

Overheard at MC

"I really need a shit but I just can't."

Overheard outside Billy B

"As the little thing buried it's way into my innards."

Overheard outside the DSU

"Don't get me wrong, I'm a pyscho too."

Overheard on North Road

"Housey, housey, housey, we're going to find a housey." (singing)

Overheard on the 56 bus

"I feel like wearing long socks is a big statement."

Overheard outside the cathedral

"Those windows are just iridescent."

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Overheard on the X12 bus

"No one wants to live with you."

Overheard in Market Square

"I wish there was a Waitrose in Durham."

Overheard on the 56 bus

"You look like custard."

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Overheard on the 57 bus

"I haven't shaved my legs so I won't be pulling tonight."

Overheard on Elvet Bridge

"I'm just nipping to M&S for some smoked salmon and quails eggs."