All the sorrows of coming to Durham from sunny seaside Brighton

Where are all the vegans and the naked people?

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Leaving for uni for the first time is a scary experience for anyone. But Durham and England are at opposite ends of England, and for a Brightonian, leaving the beautiful seaside town we call home is a huge shock to the system.

Here’s everything you end up missing the most.

Shit fish and chips

Proof that there is NO SAND

The shock of being offered chips with GRAVY is unreal, and although you might not buy fish and chips back home because a seagull will steal your chips, your ice cream, your wallet, and your boyfriend, you can’t help but feel like, as a Brightonian, you have ownership this classic meal.

Everyone is so mainstream 


Walking through Brighton without bubble tea, a vegan burrito and several piercings is almost an insult, but at Durham you have edge if you flick your eyeliner a bit.

Where are all the naked people?

The Naked Bike Ride is one of the best events of the Brighton calendar, and having to explain it to people at Durham who just don’t ‘get why people would ride around the city naked on a bike’ is painful.

You don’t know a shit night out until you’ve been to Pryzm.

Sure, Durham is full of poor excuses for clubs, but having lasted through Oceania’s nappy nights which have now evolved to becoming a fully fledged clubber at Pryzm, you know you can handle anything. And although you hate to admit it, we all love Pryzm.

Why do people keep telling me how lucky I am to live by the sea?

Anyone that says this clearly hasn’t been to Brighton and has never seen a beach without sand before. You spend your life explaining to people that you don’t spend your summers siting on the beach unless you don’t mind bruises on your bum or the classic dance routines of Disco Pete.

Why does everyone think I spend my summers on the pier?