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The Tab is here to help you decide where to go out tonight

Wednesday nights sorted ✓

We all know that Wednesdays are the best student nights in Durham. But with so much choice, the question of where to go on a Wednesday night has haunted friendship groups for years.

All the sports teams are out on socials and all the clubs are packed. But the question is: which club is the best?

4th Place: Jimmy Allen's

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Jimmy Allen's, Jimmy's, Jimmy A's. Whatever you call it, we all have a special place in our hearts for Jimmy's.

The tunes are pretty decent and the DJ often takes requests, so you can sing your lungs out. Three bars mean you never have to wait too long for that Jonny Woodgate you've been dreaming about.

However, the dancefloor is like a mosh pit. You can't stay there for longer than 15 minutes without needing to go outside for some fresh air and to cool down.

Without a doubt the worst thing about Jimmy's is its toilets! Three toilets between hundreds of people will not do. You end up queuing for half the night and miss all the best songs. Once you get in, there's no toilet roll, the door doesn't lock and it won't flush. Brilliant.

3rd Place: DSU/Shack Up

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A popular choice with sports teams who usually get promised discounted entry and some free drinks. But come on, let's be real, the DSU is not a club and never will be. It has a weird layout and way too many stairs, which are a huge injury hazard when drunk. And not enough toilets.

You pay £3 to get in and it's full of sweaty rugby/hockey/football teams all still wearing their kit because they've just jumped off the bus from an away game.

Anyone you bump into will ask: 'What social are you on?' – because no one would actually go to the DSU if they weren't on a social.

2nd Place: Missoula

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Missoula is Durham's biggest and arguably its nicest nightclub. It has a balcony, solid seating areas, two good-sized bars, cheap drinks, a huge smoking area, a real DJ, and lots of decent toilets.

They also offer free drinks to large groups and socials. It may only be a bottle of cheap bubbly, but it's better than nothing. The cocktails are classy, and pretty cheap at £5 each.

The main problem with Missoula is the ticket situation. No one wants to have to buy tickets before a night out in Durham, it's ridiculous! Especially when you don't know if your friends are all going.

Tickets are usually only valid before 11 or 11.30 which means if pre drinks run over then you've wasted £4 and have to queue with everyone else. But if you don't buy a ticket then you risk spending an hour in a freezing queue and maybe not even getting in.

1st Place: Lloyds

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Lloyds Wednesday's are hugely popular this year. If you don't get there early you'll face a queue of hundreds of people for a good half an hour.

Lloyds is only ever £2 entry and the drinks are very cheap because it's a 'Spoons-turned-nightclub. Yes, that's right: pitchers of Sex on the Beach for a mere £6. Also, the bar is huge so you'll never have to wait too long to get a drink.

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Lloyds has a sweet-sized dance floor and a grand smoking area. The toilets are without a doubt the best in Durham. There are over fifteen of them, and they are all clean; the doors lock, they have toilet paper, and the waiting area is amazing for a mirror selfie with your mates.

The music is a little bit of cheese but also some proper dance music. For only £2, Lloyds has to be No.1. So make sure you get down there early this Wednesday ?