How to ‘find yourself’ without taking a gap yah

Only if you chunder everywhere

So, that's it – the summer is over. If you're at University, and have yet to be ensnared by internships, you probably had time to 'travel'.

You have either: a) Been to South East Asia (probably 'Nam'); b) been to South America; or c) been inter-railing because you never got round to it after A Levels.

But why wouldn't you travel? This is the only time in your life that you'll be blessed with a 3 month summer holiday and a generous overdraft. It would be rude not to.

Bucket hats are known to aid the act of finding yourself

Bucket hats are known to aid the act of finding yourself

So, with the help of a few of your new-found uni friends who will be able to assist and collaborate in your literal and figurative 'journey', you eagerly set off.

You will no doubt have been delighted at the drinking culture which goes hand in hand with backpacking; you will have truly embraced any cheap drinks, free beer or bar crawls that appear to all be part of an authentic travelling experience.

As everyone knows, a holiday is rated purely on the price of a pint. Also, at some stage you will have probably had the urge to experience public nudity.

This would be due to the strange phenomenon which occurs as soon as an 18-25 year old Brit exits the European air space, denoting that the 'traveller' in question must emphasise their young abandon by getting very much naked; preferably in the vicinity of a place of religious and spiritual importance.

Please hold the buckets responsible for all actions

Please hold the buckets responsible for all actions

However, you'll never get the badge of honour of actually being able to say you took a gap year, meaning that those who did will usually immediately dismiss you as a 'straight out of school', just-turned-18 being, whose only experience of different cultures is the annual family holiday to Majorca.

So, unfortunately, even if you feel like you actually have 'found' part of yourself, this will never be acknowledged by the authentic 'gap year' breed.

But at least you got some bomb Instagrams, some wavy garms, and (god forbid) maybe even an insight into a truly captivating culture.