A Trevs formal collapsed into such deep chaos that college threatens to ban formals in future

Yes, of course there were food fights


What should have been a run-of-the-mill celebratory formal at Trevelyan College on Thursday night turned quite literally sticky as the evening descended into a pandemonium of flying food.

As well as "throwing food about and chucking it on the floor", students ignored rules about remaining quietly seated, instead shouting and getting up willy-nilly, and leaving the room.

Amongst widespread rudeness to staff, porters, and JCR Exec, one girl was reported to have shouted: "I got chlamydia but I still get the sausage", and was subsequently asked to leave the room.

Following these tumultuous events, Trevs JCR President Lydia Edwards sent an email to all students at the college.

"Behaviour at formal last night was despicable", she wrote. "It was so bad that this morning, College wanted to ban the next formal."

Living in big brown hexagons, is it a surprise they go mad?

Bridget Huggins, a second-year Modern Languages student at Trevs, told The Tab: "This was undoubtedly the rowdiest formal I've experienced in two years at Durham.

"People got kicked out for shouting and loads of people were throwing food."

Trevs' JCR Services Officer told The Tab: "Only one person was officially kicked out for disruptive behaviour. The rest who left, including her friends, did so of there own free will. That is not to say though that those people leaving was not in itself disruptive."

With non-finalists now prevented from regular access to formals for the rest of the term with with 'final priority' status, the JCR President's threat remains that: "If anything like this happens at future formals, College will be banning formals for the rest of term."