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Castle football teams have been banned from playing for the rest of the year

…due to initiation misconduct


Castle football will not be allowed to participate in intercollegiate sports fixtures for the rest of the academic year, Palatinate reports.

The decision was made after an initiation gone awry at the beginning of last month at which members of the team reportedly mooned a car on Church Street.

Later that same night two girls experienced receiving inappropriate comments from two members of the Castle AFC team in the Undercroft Bar.

Following the incidents 35 students and all three Castle football teams have been banned from intercollegiate fixtures for the rest of the year.

An email sent to the Castle football teams said: “We unfortunately had two complaints made against us.

“The first was during our traditional zebra crossing shenanigans where the line was crossed, and the second involved certain members of the club being rude to two girls in the Undie.”

The email further stated: “Having said this, we should view the punishments as a wake up call as our socials should never lead to other members of the public feeling intimidated and certain conduct on the night was unacceptable.”