The questions all Durham students ask themselves at some point

“Why did I do this to myself!?”

You chose one of the finest research and teaching institutions in the world. Good for you. Now, you probably have millions of questions, "Will I make it?" perhaps being the biggest one.

More questions? Of course you have them. There are many important things all Durham student ask themselves. You don’t have to wonder any longer. We have the answers you need.

Why must I walk up to a huge hill every single day?

Because it’s Durham. And you better get used to it. Hey; at least you’re getting some exercise, right? You’re saving the money you’d spend on a fitness membership. Show some gratitude!

Am I paying too much?

No. You’re getting the best value for your money at Durham. MoneySuperMarket named Durham the best-value university in the UK. The cheap pints and low accommodation costs are a huge advantage. Compare it to attending University College London and you’ll be grateful to be here.

Did someone really write a dissertation on the Kardashians?

Yes. That’s how great this university is. You can explore any idea you want, as long as you can turn it into a fine piece of writing.

Why must I hear about Frank Tyson all the time?

You’ll probably hear stories about this guy. Typhoon Tyson was a cricket legend. Durham is proud of its legends. That's why.

Will I have to write a lot?

Yes. You’ll have to show your research skills through several projects over the course of your studies. This doesn’t mean you should have your list of best essay writing services ready when you get here. It means you should practice writing. You’ll get better at it.

Why is it so cold?

Because it's up north. Of course. Just pack clothes that you can layer. Knitwear. A thick, warm coat. Don’t worry; you’ll learn to love it. Maybe.

What’s with the Doxbridge?
Nothing much. You’ll hear this from the outsiders: Durham is trying to imitate Oxford and Cambridge, hence the Doxbridge. That’s not true. You’ll be doing a lot of studying and research; that’s true. However, studying at Durham leaves you with more space for having fun.

Did I make the right choice?

Yes. Everyone knows Durham is a top university that ensures high-class education for its students. It’s also a very diverse environment, with students coming from 150+ countries from all around the world. And perhaps most importantly; you’ll get cheap drinks.