Durham’s best dressed: Freshers’ edition

Walk walk fashion baby

Freshers’ Week is intense, whether you’re a fresher, a frep, or nothing at all. Maybe you’ve already caught the freshers’ flu or maybe you’re just incredibly hungover, in any case we’re guessing that dressing up and looking decent is the last thing on your  mind right now. But some people manage to look fresh and cool despite probably dying inside like the rest of us, and here are some of them:

Charlotte, Collingwood, 2nd year

Jack Tweddell, JoBo, 1st year

Izzy, Collingwood, 2nd year


Shoaib Ahmed, Cuth’s, 1st year

Livvy Kevelighan, JoBo, 1st year

Sadna Choudhry, Cuth’s, 1st year

Kate Skinner, Hild Bede, 1st year