How to survive freshers’ week in Durham

We know you’re struggling, and we’re here to help

In two years time you'll look back and think "how the hell did I survive that week." But somehow you did, and we're here to make it a little bit easier for you. Here are some few simple steps you can follow in order to survive freshers' week:

Find that one person to cling to

Every third year remembers their freshers' bff fondly, though it probably won't be your best friend for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, find that one person you can cling to the rest of the week, and you won't have to face that awkward moment at dinner when you don't know where to sit. It's a means of survival, and the best way to come out of freshers' week feeling like you're not in any way a pathetic loser.

Do not fall in love with a frep

This is important. Freps have their 15 minutes of fame when they're taking care of you. Everyone fancies them, they're like lots of little posh Dumbledores with their immense knowledge and wisdom. If you do fall in love with a frep, just fall out of love with them asap, because when freshers' week ends you'll find out they aren't actually the nicest, most caring, selfless, loving people ever.

Meet your two new best friends: Berocca and instant coffee

Boots probably never sells as many packets of Berocca as they do in freshers week. It's a godsend. When you wake up all groggy and feel like there is no reason to live, you can down some water with Berocca and be reminded of why you got yourself those A*A*A grades and got into Durham. Also, instant coffee will do the trick.

Learn how to cheat in drinking games

Order tonic water without gin, ask the bartender for alcohol free beer, order coke and put a mint in there to make it taste awful. There are so many tips. When you think "if I have one more drink I'll puke" in the middle of a drinking game, be nice to your body and cheat. Everyone does it, and the few people who don't will be punished for it. A lot.

Learn how to avoid people

So you go out, have a few drinks, end up in Klute, find a nice looking bloke or girl in a toga, and then you end up in their room a few minutes later. What do you do the next day when you see them lurking around the sweets aisle in Tesco? You need a plan. When you step into Tesco, tread carefully. You'll get it soon enough. Maybe staring at the floor and wearing headphones is the best way for you, who knows. Just develop that technique quickly, because you'll run into previous hookups ALL the time in Durham. Literally.

Do not hook up with anyone from your college

Lets be honest, you won't be able to follow this advice. But keep the number to a minimum, you're looking at three meals per day in the same room as that person. It's awkward, and you won't be able to escape the situation until you finally graduate.

Come up with convincing excuses not to go out

"I have to call my sister because she has some problem with her boyfriend" is always safe. Even though you don't have a sister. Who cares. You will need a night to yourself, and if you want to avoid people scowling at you like you're an alien, you need a legit excuse to stay in. Make sure to switch it up from time to time so people don't call you out on it though.

Good luck freshers, and welcome to Durham!