These are the cringiest names for SU nights up and down the land

Who turns up to a night called ‘Yolo’?

Look, I get it. SU nights are great, they really are. That's not in doubt. But the names? Not so much.

We don't know the identities of the people behind some of these monstrosities, but if we did I'd have a few choice words for them. Have they been living under a rock and their only access to youth culture a 16-year-olds Twitter feed?

Regardless, the real question remains: is the name of your union night as bad as these ones?

Unicorn Fridays – Newcastle

Do you have to dress up as one while you're there?

Not a name you'd expect to appear in the tough ol' north, with hardcore partygoers hitting up the Toon six out of seven nights a week, regardless of essays and dissertations.

It is Newcastle after all. But maybe getting glittery in celebration of the weekend is a way the Geordies can release their inner dazzle.

According to the SU, this brand new event launching soon 'doesn't cost you an arm and a hoof'… Ever heard of quitting while you're ahead Newcastle?

No unicorns in sight

No unicorns in sight

Roar Wednesdays AND Poptart Saturdays – Sheffield

Roar, as in, Katy Perry? Or that TV show with the zoo? RAWR XD?

Whichever way you look at it, neither is too synonymous with a big night out.

Luckily, if Roar doesn't float your boat, Sheffield have student nights stacked up and you can find yourself back on a Saturday for Poptart.

Then again, maybe another night in would be for the best.

Should've stayed in

Should've stayed in

YOLO Wednesdays at Cardiff

If there's a night for staying in, this is it.

'Yolo': something that should've stopped being used at least three years ago. Back in 2014, 'Yolo' was known as 'The Lash' a name more suited to the general night out culture.

But, after being viewed as encouraging irresponsible behaviour, it was renamed 'Yolo'. 'Yolo' rapidly became a phenomenon where impulsive attention-seekers felt they could behave as they wish and attribute it to the aforementioned acronym of 'You Only Live Once'.

So, Cardiff, is 'Yolo' really promoting better behaviour than the previous and perhaps more fitting 'Lash'?

That's a lot of people embracing yolo

That's a lot of people embracing yolo

Bop Fridays – St Andrews

Poor St Andrews, being only three streets big anyway you'd think the union might at least try and provide something resembling a night out for students.

And so 'Bop' rose up out of the ashes. Sorry, kids. I suppose if a throwback to a school disco when you were around 8 years old is what you're looking for, this is the night for you.

Just bopping along…

Just bopping along…

SICK Fridays – Aston (Now Antics)

Hopefully sick wasn't how you wound up at the end of the night, really, Aston should be promoting responsible drinking. You'd think anywhere branded as an illness is one to avoid?

It looks like Aston really should have worked on the marketing, as this night faded away, becoming 'Antics Saturdays'.

Antics is exactly the kind of thing your grandparents tell you not to get up to as they hand you your packed lunch on the first day of high school.

Sounds a little lame Aston.

Seems like everybody got sick of it

Seems like everybody got sick of it

Flirt Wednesdays – Reading

As if we need to be told Reading.

In all seriousness, are we all 12 again? Just imagine broaching the subject to your mates, 'So, anyone up for Flirt tonight?'. It makes me feel slightly sick (shoutout to Aston).

I can already picture the male/female divide across the dance floor, the shy approach of a male to a cluster of females only to be rebuked and have to commit to the walk of shame back across the dance floor to his mates. Yet another night returning to those infantile days. Maybe another time Reading…

Maybe use a different flirting tactic

Maybe use a different flirting tactic

Shack Up Wednesdays – Durham

Alright, Durham, keep it in your pants. 'Shack Up' is almost an instruction to end up back at someone else's for the night. Lets at least try and keep it classy for a bit, goodness, there's a cathedral just around the corner.

With the closure of 'Loveshack', Durham's pride and joy, the SU have taken it upon themselves to launch a new event, a take on the old classic, attempting to revive the somewhat redundant union there. Here's hoping 'Shack Up' delivers more than what it says on the tin.

Shack Up is destined to be a step up from Loveshack

Shack Up is destined to be a step up from Loveshack

Climax Saturdays – Nottingham Trent

Steady on Nottingham, behave yourselves.

Not one to follow the childish names the other unions boast, Trent stands ready to let all hang loose. With the raunchiest name yet, nights out can't fall far short of an all out orgy. Stay safe, kids.

But, according to Nottingham Trent the real reason for 'Climax' is attributed to it being a Saturday night; the climax of a hard week of work for the students. The climax of the week of course. Nothing more, nothing less.

Not sure how I'd go about telling the parents I'm a regular at Climax…

Not sure how I'd go about telling the parents I'm a regular at Climax…

SKINT Tuesdays – Sussex

Finally, a time for students to drink and ignore all that crippling student debt… Oh wait, thanks for the reminder Sussex, yes, we're skint. No, we don't plan on doing anything about it.

No money, no problem

No money, no problem

Pop Wednesdays – Warwick

Is it as cheesy as it sounds? Probably worse.

Don't they know that students can't be seen dead listening to pop music? If it isn't indie or techno, they're out.

Happy? Upbeat? Sorry, have you heard how much student debt we're carrying on our shoulders? Have you seen the job prospects for graduates lately? You'll find us in some dark underground basement of a club, stomping out all our hatred at the world, trying to drink away the hardships of our lives.

Get with the times, Warwick.

But do the Chuckle Brothers attend student night at your union??

But do the Chuckle Brothers attend student night at your union??

Fruity Fridays – Leeds

Sounds like a rather high energy, flamboyant Friday if you ask me. I can hear the cheesy music already, the throwback to the Noughties. Not the worst name, but it still sounds like a packet of sweets.

Feeling fruity?

Feeling fruity?

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