All the details on the relaunch of Freak Out

New year, new location


Freak Out now has a new venue for 2017/2018; Loft and Studio.

When you arrive you'll be welcomed by fire breathers, stilt walkers and Durham’s official Dance Troupe outside Loft & Studio.

Inside you'll see flamingo inflatables, massive balloons, and confetti drops. After grabbing your squad's bottle of bubbly you can enter into the Hip Hop or Disco/Funk/Soul room.

Another new introduction to Freak Out this year are the Freak Out Blind Date specials, for which you can sign up your most desperate single friend and hope for the best.

Time to get Freaky Duzza

Time to get Freaky Duzza

…And of course, there's gonna be free pizza for when you're feeling sufficiently Freaked Out (pun very much intended).

The re-opening will take place on the 9th of October.