A swanky new course at John’s will be the world’s first

No prizes for guessing which subject it’s in

Thanks to St. John’s College, Durham University is set to host the world’s first degree in ‘Digital Theology’.

The course, run by CODEC Digital Research Centre, attempts to bring together the online world and the study of God.

The world’s first students in the Digital Theology MA will be based at Cranmer Hall, an Anglican evangelical college, which is part of John’s.

Questions the course will seek to answer include: ‘what do we mean by incarnation in a digital world?’, and ‘might transhumanism be a form of apocalypticism?’.

Peter Phillips, the director of CODEC, said: “We’re trying to look at how digital culture and theology can be brought together hand-in-hand and reflect upon each other. Digital culture is absolutely crucial in our contemporary society – it is a digital culture – everything about it.”

He told Premier: “We are trying to say what role does theology play in forming digital culture, but also in kind of protecting us against that digital culture. How do human beings flourish within digital culture?”

Image: Premier.org.uk

Durham’s Theology department is ranked third in the world.

The course in Digital Theology is set to begin in September 2017, with 12 places available.

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