Aidan’s Fashion Show: Arcadia

A celebration of wavy garms

The show kicked off as a classy affair with the boys in suits and the girls in beautiful dresses by Claire Lichfield, but after an introduction by comperes Isabel Watkins and Jack Statham, it soon progressed to fun tropical wear by West Village Vintage.

This was followed by named walks including “Shangri-La”, which featured models in oriental dresses and kimonos.

Things really kicked off, however, with “Trance” and “Iridescent”, where we saw some of the most amazing festival wear and glittery outfits from Megan Crook and Babydoll Clothing.

Of course, they were accompanied by the must-have GlittaGlo sunglasses that have also graced DUCFS (and both Grey and Chad’s fashion shows) this year.

The heat turned up after the hilarious Homage Tees, depicting the likes of Louis Theroux and Britney Spears, in the aptly-named “Ecstasy”, as models emerged in crochet swimwear by The Glitter Snake.

In a bid to calm the now riotous audience, a somewhat long but incredibly successful auction followed. Shoutout to the girl who paid for a date with her own roommate and to a certain person who paid £200 for the pure joy of cutting off Tom Mchale’s rat’s tail.

Having seen the rat’s tail, it was worth every penny.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for: the underwear. As expected, the models were undeniably fit and oiled up like nothing you’ve ever seen. Need I say more?

Thus came the finale, an Exec walk amid the chaos of a rowdy audience, and the events of the night concluded. A grand total of £7,850 was ultimately raised for Children North East, a charity working with disadvantaged children in the local area. Until next year!