How stressed you are according to your Netflix binge of choice

Why would you watch ’13 Reasons Why’ right now

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Are you still battling those exams? Or are you just trying to come to terms with the fact you’ve probably failed the year?

We feel your pain and hereby provide you with a complete explanation of your current state of mind, according to your Netflix binge-watch of choice:

13 Reasons Why

If you’ve jumped on board the hype surrounding the new series ’13 Reasons Why’, that probably means you’ve pretty much given up with revision and don’t really see a point in anything anymore. Accepting failure is the best option now. And for future purposes; instead of watching depressing stuff you should consider spending time on self-care once in a while.

Orange Is the New Black

Like ’13 Reasons Why’, watching ‘Orange Is the New Black’- or pretty much anything with the word “prison” in it- is a sure sign that you feel trapped by the tons of revision you’re supposed to be doing right now. The only escape? Netflix of course.

Black Mirror

If you’re more a ‘Black Mirror’ kind of person, then after hours and hours of stressing over revision you’ve probably come to the conclusion that the world is likely to end soon anyway, so what’s the point? Why bother about learning verb tables when humanity is on the brink of self-destruction anyway. You’re definitely the type to hit Jimmy’s hard the night before an exam.

Breaking Bad

If you’re a fan of ‘Breaking Bad’, you can’t deny that the thought of dropping out of uni to deal crystal meth hasn’t crossed your mind. And tbh you should probably go for it, it’d probably earn you more money than that Classics degree anyway.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Anyone who’s watching ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ has probably seriously considered renouncing the world, and joining some kind of cult. I mean yes, you’d have to live underground for the rest of your life, but at least you’d never have to see another exam paper again, let alone face everyone after you get your results.

Stranger Things

Maybe the thought of exams has made you so nervous that you’ve lost it a little – in that case you’ll definitely be watching ‘Stranger Things’. Hearing voices and seeing monsters all around you, it’s almost as though revision has transported you to a whole new realm of being – something you’d much rather experience through your laptop screen.

Fresh Meat

‘Fresh Meat’ is the obvious choice for students who are seeking solace in the idea that they’re not the only student out there who’s spent the past two terms binge drinking and making a mess of their life instead of working. Uni’s more about the experience than the degree anyway, right?

How I Met Your Mother

Aw, have you just had a break-up? You’re definitely more worried about your love life than exams, which makes ‘How I Met Your Mother’ perfect for you. At only 20 minutes an episode, you can get through an impressive nine seasons in just under four days. Hope you feel better soon though!

Pretty Little Liars

If you’re really desperate, then chances are you’ve resorted to watching the seventh season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – this is a sure sign that you’ve completely given up with revision, because anyone who’d rather spend their time searching for clues about who ‘A’ is after seven long seasons of being strung along by the producers has reached new levels of boredom and procrastination.