Is Chris Hemsworth’s autograph for his fan at Chad’s the cutest story from his time in Durham?

It’s confirmed: he is a legend

Did you think Chris Hemsworth was nice? Well, you were wrong. He’s absolutely amazing.

Upon hearing that Avengers filming was going to take place in Durham, a Masters student from Chad’s started a campaign to get the crew to come by the college.

Maryam Esperanza Razaz told The Tab why she started the campaign: “My mom was sick for the second time with cancer in 2010/11 when Thor came out.

“It was the only movie that year that really made her happy. I think we watched it three or four at the cinema, and then immediately got it on DVD.

“She loved the humor of it, especially the scene of them eating in the diner and Thor asking for another drink. She read every interview of the main actors , and watching the movie just gave us solace during such an uncertain time.”

Maryam’s friends Elizabeth and Lucinda with the banner

So when she heard about the filming, Maryam made up the hashtag #avengerstochads on Twitter, and got permission from Chad’s principal to put up banners outside of the college.

The History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine student says “In the process of hanging the first banner, a friend or crew member of Chris Hemsworth’s saw it and told us he would show Chris photos of the banners.

“As he was walking away, I just sort of took my chance and asked him if it was possible to ask Chris for an autograph for my mother. I explained to this person with a story of how much the movie Thor meant to her and to me essentially.

Maryam and her friend Richard with Chris’ crewmember

“He said that he would absolutely ask Chris Hemsworth and come back with an autograph after asking for my mom’s name.

“Sure enough he did, and he told us that Chris saw our banners and I think was entertained by them. He also said Chris wished my mom well, which is incredibly sweet.”

Chris couldn’t come by Chad’s in person, but Maryam says: “Even though he couldn’t physically come by, he’s aware of us and saw our banners and was entertained by them!”