Loft may finally be getting a proper smoking area

Cheapskates just got a whole lot better

The days of smoking on the street are over; Loft are planning to build a smoking area attached to the club on North Road in the near future. Here’s hoping it can be a bit better than standing around on the side of a road, because where else do people suddenly come over a wave of generosity and start dishing out cigarettes like they’re going out of fashion?

Loft is always packed, and after the struggle in the queue to fight your way into your cheapest night of the week, the mountain of stairs greet you like an old enemy.

Once you’ve made it up, with a pit stop half way unless you’re from Team Durham and have the stamina of a marathon runner, there’s relief that it’s only downhill from there.

It seems Loft have finally caught onto the fact that no-one takes any notice of the increased chances of heart disease past about ten o’clock, and regardless of being a smoker or not, everyone pays a visit to the smoking area.

So, even if exam season seems never ending, at least Loft are finally getting their act together so that no more 30 minute journeys will be necessary to get out in the sort-of fresh air.