Durham University is the 6th best in the country

…according to the Complete University Guide 2018

The complete University Guide for 2018 has been released and Durham has been placed 6th in the overall rankings for the second year in a row, beating UCL, York and Exeter.

The guide takes into account factors such as graduate prospects, research quality, and student satisfaction, for which Durham scored an impressive 4.16 out of 5.

With Durham being ranked among the top 10 for over 30 subjects, the uni should be particularly proud of being placed first for English, Education and Music, as well as rising up one place from last year in History and thereby beating Oxford to the second place.

Principal author of TheCompleteUniversityGuide.co.uk, Dr Bernard Kingston, said: “This year there is a considerable degree of stability at the upper end of the league table, as in the past.”

The Complete University Guide was launched 10 years ago, and Durham has been ranked among the top 10 universities in the country every year since then.

Ok so maybe Doxbridge isn’t a thing after all, but it will be soon. Obviously.