Things we’ve actually heard Durham students say this week

Wait, what?

Everyone does it. Listening in on conversations of the people sitting next to you in lectures, or on the bus. Sometime you’ll have to guess how the conversations ended, but that just adds to the fun.

With that in mind, here are some odd things we’ve heard Durham students say this week:

Overheard outside the Calman Learning Centre:

Student A: “Where are all the fat people?”

Student B: “All the hills are turning them thin.”

Overheard on the bottom floor of Bill Bryson:

Maths Student: “Pi, Pi, mathematical Piiii” (to the tune of American Pie)

Overheard outside Hatfield:

Student A: “I really need to leave now, I’ve gotta go to M&S.”

Student B: “But surely they’ll be closed by now?”

Student A: “No they can’t be closed! I’ve been forced to shop at Tesco’s recently!”

Student B: “Eww Tesco!!”

Overheard on Palace Green:

Rah: “Nah I can’t make this lecture, I’m playing croquet with Rupert.”

Overheard in Paddy’s:

Girl A: “I want extra cheese but I don’t want to get fat!”

Girl B: “You’re getting a pizza…”

Overheard at St Johns College Formal:

“If I wanted to enjoy Uni, I’d have went to a poly!”

Overheard in The Library Bar:

Student A: “Lads holiday to Kavos this year boys?”

Student B: “How about Barbados?”

Student C: “Mate, I probably can’t even afford Butlins for the weekend!”

And that is why you should learn to budget.