Reasons behind the 0 hygiene rating of Dixy Chicken

Looks like the Subway next door will be first choice from now on…

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Is it worth the risk of catching a disease for a bit of fried chicken?

Speculating the hygiene rating seems like quite a fun game sat across the road in Caffeine Brothers, but for all those Dixy lovers who roll their eyes at low standards of food hygiene, maybe you should consider it a bit more in the future.

Maybe it’s worth shelling out that little bit extra to eat in style at subway (a whole 3 stars superior to Dixy).

Subway really is that close…

So, what does a 0 hygiene rating really mean? Does hygiene at a fast food shop really matter?

I suppose it depends on whether you mind raw chicken being washed in the same water as utensils used. If you’re not fussed, Dixy’s is the one for you.

The Food Safety and Hygiene report for Dixy Chicken detailed a rather alarming number of points to be remedied, that were unsatisfactory for an environment where food is being prepared. Raw chicken was stored in the freezer alongside foods ready to eat (so if you thought those burger buns tasted a little funny, chances are it’s not just you), not to mention the odd bit of food stored on the floor (so you can no longer attribute all those black bits in your chicken down to seasoning…).

Contamination and food poisoning chances increase tenfold even just by walking through the door of Dixy, what with raw chicken seemingly abandoned all over the kitchen (who puts it on a draining board?) and the wash hand basin ‘not in regular use’ probably just says it all.

Paddy’s is a better option

With an ‘ill-fitting door allowing pests into the premises’ you could be getting more for your money finding flies in your food. A little extra protein never hurt anyone right? The problem is so bad that Dixy has been strongly recommended a word with a ‘reputable pest company’. Grim.

If after reading all this, you’re still considering one of those Dixy burgers, quite clearly the loss of fried chicken takeaways has hit you hard (why’s KFC all the way in Gilesgate, Durham?) but if you have realised (like any sane person) that a food hygiene rating of 0 could be life threatening, it’s a good job the Durham high street is about 75% eateries.

Treat yourself to a Gregg’s for once.