Every type of fresher couple

College marry into my heart…

Everyone knows that being single at uni is the best. Except those that think it’s awful. Here is a comrehensive list of all the people who hooked up in their first year and never looked back.

Good luck walking back from Klute by yourself at 1.30am you poor lonely soul.

The Inseparable

They kissed in Loveshack that one time in freshers week, and now they do everything together: Eat, sleep, study and  socialise. You’re surprised they haven’t moulded into one person yet.

The Power Couple

They have time for their friends, family, degree, societies and everything else and they still it keep it so damn together. There is no gossip or cheating rumours around them and it doesn’t help that they are so good looking with and without each other. Everyone is secretly jealous of them, but you can’t even hate them because they are so bloody nice.

The Mysterious

No-one reallllly knows how they got together, and no-one really knows how they even began talking. Randomly, one day they started holding hands and the next thing you know they are both Instagram official.

The Time Turners

One does maths and the other does engineering, how on earth do they even have time for each other and make it to their 9ams? It’s a mystery, and the only time you see them together is when they are sitting next to each other at breakfast before walking to the science site #romance.

The Shark Situation

You shouted Shark drunkenly when you saw him around her during freshers week, and now she pecks him on the cheek before she rushes off to her lectures. She knows all his friends and suddenly seems so much mature than all of us plebs. We are left wondering what 3rd year life hacks he’s taught her that we are yet to learn by experience.

The long distance

Thanks to Whatsapp Call, Facetime and Skype you know every time you knock on her door, there will be a little screen in the corner of the room with his face on it. She’s present at predrinks but her head is down, texting the night away to some doofus 300 miles far from here. You’ve only met him once, but you probably know more about him than his own brother.

The ‘Are they even together?!’

They finish each other’s sentences, they have intensely private inside jokes. Their Instagram is all loved up, yet the question remains: are they even together? Perhaps they are best friends… but surely that college marriage means more than just that?

The Alcohol Addicted 

This is a relationship that you know is going to last. Their other half helps them celebrate after they have finished a summative and helps them recover after they finally receive the marks. He can always depend on Lady Vodkha to bring him up when he is down, without any commitments or hassle. The only suffering in this relationship is the monthly bank statement.