Night out or night in? That’s the question

Can you resist the sesh tonight?

“I can’t go out, I’ve got summatives to do.”

“I have so much to do tomorrow, I can’t be hanging!”

These are classic phrases used by every student during the day, but everything changes as soon as darkness falls.

And here she remains for the rest of term

While you’re having dinner in college or chilling with your housemates, someone will inevitably ask: “who’s going out tonight?”

This is when the peer pressure begins. They’ll tell you not to worry, after all you’re only a fresher… and  it’s a Wednesday, why would you even consider staying in? Finally, they pull out the big guns and tell you you’re boring.

But why would you want to trek into town in this arctic Durham weather when you could stay in the warm cocoon of your duvet with a hot water bottle and a heart-warming episode of Call the Midwife.

Seriously, if you save money by not buying those watered-down doubles, you could even afford to order a cheeky Fat Hippo with sweet potato fries and have a delightful night in.

That just won’t do though. A few minutes into your night of rejuvenating bliss you’ll hear the others pre-ing next door, and so you decide to join. Just for a bit… just to say hi.

It would be rude to just sit in the middle of a ‘this is the witch’ without a bevvy, so you’ll just have a couple of tinnies before cracking on with all that work stopping you from going out in the first place.

And when you loose ring of fire, that dirty pint just has to go. You have vodka you’re willing to share you say? Yeah right, like that’s even a thing.

You do have to capitalise on this opportunity. Whoever is on the tunes tonight really is playing banger after banger..

And before you know it you’re in Jimmy’s – I mean it is free and there ain’t nothing better than a woodgate.

Yet again you bite the dust.

Every stupid Wednesday.