Durham Street Style: Spring Edition

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right

A new season is upon us!

This week, Durham’s fashionistas are wearing everything from casual wear to innovative garms.

Lucy Woodruff, Philosophy, Castle, 1st year.

The Italian-French-Vintage vibe she’s got going on is to die for. Everything is on point, from the colours to the details.

Fran Hagen, Geology, JoBo, 1st year.

That Scottish-style skirt is gorgeous!

Ashleigh Cheung, Geology, Van Mildert, 1st year.

Classic but simple: Ashleigh seems unfazed by the cold.

Bella Dunnett, English Literature, Cuth’s, 3rd year.

That coat is everything you need to make your outfit stand out!

Anum Ali, Geography, Collingwood, 1st year.

The leather skirt and the boots give this outfit a Rock ‘n’ roll kind of vibe.

Nianzu Zhou, Japanese Studies, St Mary’s, 2nd year.

The light purple of her coat paired with the blue flowers on her dress are like a celebration of spring.

We’ll be back on those streets looking for more stylish students, so dress up and strut your stuff in the lovely sunshine.