There’s a new healthy food kitchen opening in Durham

Look out Paddy’s, there’s a new kid on the block

Have your authentic home-cooked microwaveable meals started to get a bit samey? Is college food getting a bit too potato heavy?

You’re in luck. ‘Nosh’, a new healthy food kitchen is opening up in Durham in March; delicious food with a delightful lack of calories. You can’t go wrong.

Nosh is a family run business that first began in Middlesbrough in 2014, with the opening of a kitchen there. Expansion has since spread the business to Stockton and soon-to-be Durham.

It involves Chef Dad, Front of House Mum, Social-Media Son, and the Designer Daughter, all with healthy eating at the heart of their priorities.

Whilst they all recognise that fast food is indeed the way forward on an odd occasion, they realise that an odd occasion is all fast food really needs. Hence the idea to make food that is both tasty and healthy, so that you can branch out from all those Dominoes.

Just looking at it is making me feel healthier already

Their aim is to prove healthy food ‘doesn’t have to be tasteless’ and that quick meals aren’t necessarily unhealthy ones.

Another reason to visit this kitchen when it opens, is that your beer bellies will barely even expand upon departure. With the favourite item on the menu being a ‘Skinny Parmo’ (involving béchamel sauce, breaded chicken and cheese) that is usually over 1500 calories, knocked all the way down to a modest 500 calories, you could eat all day there and still have room in your GDA for more. And even better, it’s all fresh.

Cakes with low calories sound like my kind of food

But why start a business into healthy eating, when Paddy’s is just around the corner? Jason (the Social-Media Son), was studying at university and stuck for healthy lunch alternatives, so naturally he turned to his father Shari (Chef Dad) for insight.

Shari, has worked as a chef for over 25 years, cooking in Michelin Star restaurants such as Ramond Blancs Le Manoir and Le Petit Blanc. Once Jason mentioned setting up a kitchen distributing healthy food that people could grab on the go, a family business was born.

This one’s for you summer bod

Fast food isn’t for everyone, what with allergies and intolerances prevalent today, but it turns out healthy food IS for everyone.

Lactose intolerant? Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Vegan? You name it, Nosh will provide for it.

The Nosh family have worked together to concoct a menu suited to everyone’s tastes, including sides, main meals, hot and cold meals, drinks and of course desserts.

Not to mention a calorie count alongside every meal, if going to a healthy kitchen isn’t good enough for you already. And if you don’t want to stop burning calories, takeaway meals are available for those people who just don’t stop.

Healthy, affordable and delicious

Not only are everyone’s dietary needs catered for, but Nosh also provide meal plans for aspiring or indeed already-there athletes. So, for all those DU players or just casual joggers-once-a-week, Nosh is the place for you.

With a collaboration involving a Personal Trainer and Online Body Transformation Coach, what better place to start with those summer body aspirations? Fridge/freezer meals can also be purchased and tailored to you, so there really is no excuse for that lack of six pack now, what with your nutrition fully taken care of.

If calorific content STILL isn’t enough information about your meal, the macronutrient content is also displayed, showing the carbohydrate, fat and protein amounts in the dishes, to ensure total commitment to that training plan that is soon to be a reality.

With all the fast food outlets in Durham, you’re bound to need a break soon, so early March with the opening of Nosh, healthy food is on its way up in the world. Fresh, tasty and ready to grab on the go has never sounded more appealing.

For more information, including previous menus visit their website.

The grand opening is next week along with the release of a new menu, don’t miss it!