Nando’s wants to sponsor a Durham sports team

Here’s your shot at scoring a Black Card

Nando’s Durham has just announced that they are looking for a Durham sports team to sponsor.

In a recent Facebook post, Nando’s said: “We are looking for a local sports team of any age group to sponsor in the near future and would like to hear from you! No matter what sport you play or coach this opportunity is open to all.”

Whether the sponsorship deal includes the legendary Nando’s Black Card remains inconclusive. One thing is guaranteed – the perks will be cheeky as ever.


The offer is open to all sports teams and coaches from any age group. The original Facebook post boasts 150+ comments, including the Durham County FC’s statement of interest. It looks like the competition will hit Extra Hot on the Peri-Ometer.

Their decision will be made on the 6th of March so be quick to e-mail [email protected].

Your team could very well be the perfect peri partnership Nando’s is searching for.

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