Godfrey Bloom is coming to Durham

Banking and beer with a former UKIP MEP

Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom will address Durham students during a book-launch event at the Dun Cow Inn on Tuesday 28th February.

The outspoken ex-politician, who has a background in business and finance, will launch his new book, ‘The Magic of Banking’ to an audience of Durham University students.

The Facebook event promises an “interesting evening” that will “help to explain key theories in a simpler way.”

Attendees will “have the opportunity to speak with Godfrey in person, buy his book and even have it signed by the man himself!”

Mr. Bloom is a well-known figure in Durham, with a keen interest in banking and beer.

The former European parliamentarian, who has been described as a “wince-inducing gaffe machine”, was withdrawn from the UKIP party whip in September 2013 after several controversies.

He saw out the rest of his term to July 2014 as an independent, having since equivocated that he “wasn’t really suited to party politics”.

Mr. Bloom is a strong advocate of the financial sector.

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