Climate change denier and sexist praises Durham students

He called Durham ‘so sound’

A writer and editor for the alt-right news network Breitbart has called Durham ‘so sound’, after visiting to take part in a Union debate.

James Delingpole, whose Breitbart articles include “Why Renewables Are Doomed and Fossil Fuels Are the Future”, was in Durham to take part in a debate on the NHS. Earlier on Twitter he said he was going to speak to a ‘load of students’ about why the free-healthcare system is ‘shit.’

Breitbart and Delingpole have routinely supported Trump in the past.

In a tweet after the occasion, he wrote: “Durham is so sound I was literally mobbed by undergrads demanding [selfies]. Doesnt happen at Oxford or Cambridge”.

Twitter/James Delingpole/@JamesDelingpole

When asked why Durham was different to Oxford and Cambridge, he replied: “Because Oxford and Cambridge have very successfully purged themselves of conservative types”.

Other articles he has written include “Now More than Ever ‘Schoolboy, Sexist, So-Called Humour’ Needs Protecting from the Left’s Joyless Harridans”. He has also called modern feminism a “Dirty Sham”.

When asked to comment, he called this writer a “student wanker” and a “SJW underside”.