Best places in Durham to meet your other half

We all want to be part of that 72%

Durham is renowned for being the cupid of universities, with that terrifying 72% stated in every introductory lecture.

Whether you’re a hopeful fresher setting out on your quest for a hubby, or a seasoned third year hunting for a wife, here are the places you’re bound to meet the one (or at least the one night stand).

Bill Bryson

Split screen Facebook stalking: pro

We’ve all been there. Working away, minding our own business when an absolute dreamboat happens to walk past – amazing scenes.

Time to start the witty chat, but wait.. the library means no chat at all . This place is torturous, maybe you’ll catch the initials or a surname on their DU stash and have a half-hour procrastinatory Facebook stalk. That’s as far as this one goes folks… moving on.

Wiff Waff

Don’t get distracted by the pizza

Everyone knows this is the place to be on a Monday night. Find yourself a guy or gal to buy you a couple of bombs (because what’s a better start to a relationship) and get a proper groove on to Whitney Houston.

If they shamelessly belt out those MJ lyrics, you know they’re the one.

Maiden Castle

Go on lads

The home of palatinate is full of talent. Just come here in some sort of sporting attire, borrow some stash if you’re taking this seriously,  and sit in the café scouting.

You can even venture onto the sidelines supporting ‘a friend’. Even if this doesn’t work you’ve probably still been able to witness some quality sport, so it’s a win win really (and not creepy at all).


Paddy’s: the real mvp

You haven’t really been on a night out in Durham if you didn’t end up inside the hallowed four walls of Paddy’s. The best conversations definitely happen while waiting for those cheesy chips. Lifelong bonds are made with that kind soul who gives you 50p so you can afford a delicacy of your choice.

Memories of a late night encounter in Paddy’s with a fellow fresher from Grey dressed as Ghandi still haunt my friend. If you  did meet your future significant other in Paddy’s they’d probably be happy to host the wedding reception – and who would ever turn down garlic mayo on the house.

Feeling inspired? You now have the recipe for success, so go get yourself that soulmate!