Innacurate student stock photos of the week

Still more accurate than what your parents think you’re up to

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Stock photos are known for their wildly odd scenarios and very liberal adherence to the truth. Here’s some of the weirdest found when we searched for “students”.

Terrible undercover spy of the week

What’s going on here? This gentleman is sitting outside, having meticulously placed out his items on the table, and is pretending to type on his Macbook Air. He’s not even looking at the screen.

Road safety of the week

Some guy, I think riding a scooter, looking out into the fog. In a way though, aren’t we all just riding the scooter of life into the unseeable mist? No, not really.

Messy floor of the week

This one is sad because they’ve just dropped their phone and all their stationary on the floor. Seriously though, who keeps their phone and ipad on the floor? That’s dangerous, and the floor is reserved for socks and crisp packets.

Also, why do they have so many pencils? And why have none of them been sharpened at all?

Seemed like a better idea when I was drunk of the week

This represents the emptiness that every student feels at university. Or it’s just a guy standing in a canyon. Really though, whether or not it has anything to do with students, we can agree that it is in fact a photo.

Fashion icon of the week (or the decade?)

No way. I mean, what? What is this!?! Who does this?! (No-one.) Surely the books would just slip out the sides? Who even uses books that look like that, what’s wrong with brightly coloured plastic-covered text books written in the last 3 years?

On a serious note though, that person is probably really cool. Well maybe not cool exactly, but will definitely stand out. And that’s good, I think.

Inspirations of the week

Cute. Even if probably definitely absolutely impossible, cute. The idea that anyone will be sober enough on graduation day to climb a mountain, let alone co-ordinate hat-throwing in such a perfect semi-circle.

Shoutout to the second from right; probably too busy thinking about the £45,000 of debt she’s accumulated in reaching this moment.

Fuck up of the week

This is too much. I have so many questions. How? Why? (Who what what what where?) Laundry Narnia? I think it’s time to call it a day.