The best places to cry in Durham

The time for catharsis has come.

You feel rested? You feel refreshed after countless long mornings in bed? You feel healthy after all those lovingly prepared home-cooked meals? That’s  great babe, but it’s time to wake up and realise it’s over. It’s all over. Term has begun.

Get ready to enter your room in Durham, to see that pile of dirty laundry that hasn’t been washed, to notice all those books that for some reason haven’t magically disappeared, and to realise you actually have to spend money on food.

Yeah it’s great to see all your friends again, except they’ve all somehow started working out, finishing essays due in for march, and getting boyfriends. It’s ok to cry love, go ahead. But if you need to let those feelings out, do it in an appropriate environment.

Need some tips? Look no further, here are the best places to cry in Durham.

Cardiac hill

If you just can’t hold back those tears but you don’t want anyone to notice, walk up cardiac hill whilst crying and people will think you’re just in exceptionally bad shape and just can’t stop sweating.


No one you know or will ever meet again can see you in Stockton, time to get on that bus.

The Swan

Grab a friend who loves soppy conversations, drag them to the Swan, make up a drinking game with lots of personal questions, and both of you will share a nice emotional cry before the night is over.

The Swan is big enough so you can avoid anyone you don’t want to see whilst your face is covered with mascara, but small enough to provide that intimate, safe atmosphere you need to really let go.


This is a magical place full of love and hot chocolate. Bag one of those comfy chairs and start sobbing. Somehow some maternal figure will come over and look at you with empathetic eyes whilst handing you a napkin.

As one of the only coffee shops in Durham with functioning wifi, you can make yourself feel better by instagramming a #tb pic from a time when you smiled and that tan was on fleek.

College library

Forget Billy B, your college library is the place to get overwhelmed with stress and start crying. Perfect timing, one of your friends will be there just longing for an excuse to take a break from their essays. There’s a 100% guarantee you’ll receive a nice pep-talk and you can move on with your day.

Your kitchen floor

If you’ve had a few drinks and you just want a hug and some chocolate, make yourself comfortable on the kitchen floor. It is the only area in the house someone is bound to visit no matter the hour, and when they do they have no choice but to comfort you. Embrace the love and let them hold you till your eyes dry out.

Bar 33

You want to feel like you’ve achieved something and that your life is on the right track after crying, so why not head to Bar 33 and buy a quality cocktail so you can seem sophisticated and elegant despite feeling terrible. Take your notebook with you and imagine you’re some troubled Russian author who wants to write an authentic melancholic poem about the empty reality of existence.

Just set your emotions free so you can be happy for a while before those summatives break you yet again.