Durham is getting a brand new Charity Fashion show

Prepare yourselves


Durham loves fashion shows, and there’s a brand new one coming our way this term.

The ‘WALK ON Charity Fashion Show’ is set to happen on 27th February at Missoula, and it looks like the organisers have a lot in store.

The show is partly because of the discontinuation of the Hild Bede fashion show last year. After this happened, a group from Hild Bede put their heads together to plan a new, diverse event.

This group set out in a joint collaborative venture with the Durham African and Caribbean Society (ACS). The society has their own dance group which will be performing on the night, and there will be other musical entertainment to fit the theme, which is currently being held secret.

The money raised will go to Miale School in Tanzania, which was chosen as the charity after a girl organising the show volunteered there last summer.

Rachel Hanley, of Hild Bede, who’s taking the lead on running the event, told The Tab:

‘Walk On isn’t affiliated with the College of St Hild & St Bede. However, we didn’t want Hild Bede students to miss out by not having a college fashion show, after it was discontinued last year.’

She also said ‘We will be prioritising Hild Bede students and ACS members for model positions if more people audition than our quota for the show.’

Organisers told us:

‘We are really excited to be bringing something new to the fashion show scene at Durham, a show that will celebrate culture as well as fashion, and will also provide ACS with a platform to promote their society, which was re-formed this year.’

They also said:

‘ACS believe that the cultures within their society are under-celebrated at Durham, and what better a way to change this than to celebrate them in a fashion show.’

African cultures will be celebrated through ensuring between 50 and 75% of the designs showcased on the night will be by  African designers and brands, with entertainment also representing African cultures.

If you’re interested in modelling, auditions are on 22nd January from 2-5pm in the DSU. Organisers told The Tab:

‘Anyone and everyone is welcome to audition. The only thing we are looking for is confidence.’

If you’re just interested in heading to the show then follow their Facebook page to keep updated with when launch nights are happening, how you can get your hands on tickets for the February show, and where the after party will be held.