A prisoner has been released by mistake in Durham

He’s probably having a better Christmas than you

A prisoner has been set free in Durham, after bungling prison staff released him by accident.

The prisoner, Richard Redhead, was being held at HMP Durham prison awaiting trial over an allegation of attempted robbery, which he denies.

He was released from the prison by staff, though it is unclear whether he understood it was a mistake or not.


Redhead’s absence from the prison was realised when he was not produced by the prison to appear at Newcastle Crown Court for a pre-trial review. Here, his barrister, David Comb, told the hearing “It was anticipated he was still in custody at Durham Prison.”

While he was released from the prison, situated on Old Elvet, next to the Parson’s Field site of Cuth’s, it is unclear where he is now, or if he is still in the town of Durham.


Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court:

“If police track him down he will simply be put back into Durham Prison.”

However, no current address is known for the prisoner and his current whereabouts are unknown.

The case will remain listed as a trial happening on 16th January, on the hope that he will be found and returned to the prison by police.