Which Friends character is your college?


Everyone knows Durham is practically the New York of North East England. The Friends gang hang out at Central Perk, and we hang out at Nero’s, they share flats and we share houses. You must have wondered which Friends character your college would be, and luckily we have the answer.

Van Mildert-Phoebe Buffay


Quirky, wildly underrated, and perfectly lovely. You float through life with your smile and your terrible singing voice, desperately overcompensating for your troubled past by having your brother’s triplets.

The sad thing is that even though you’re so nice, you’ll never ever be the leading lady. You’re just not clever enough to be taken seriously.

St. Johns-Monica Geller


Sensible, uptight, and clearly the most boring person in the group. You make others feel guilty about not being as organised as you, and you’re absolutely impossible to live with. On the plus side, you always have your shit together and you attract way hotter guys than anyone else.

Castle-Ross Geller 15271710_10154914014477847_1941734776_o

Although you’re obviously the most intelligent one of the bunch, you struggle to keep girls due to your shit chat. All that useless knowledge about saltwater taffy and sewage systems will never get you laid, and you will never ever be able to pull of leather trousers.

You may be impressive on first glance, but as soon as your wife gets to know you she’ll want a divorce.

Hatfield-Rachel Green


You’re spoilt, a little ungrateful, and very naive. It may well be that you get knocked up and end up working as a waitress, but at least your hair is always on point. Your fashion sense is annoyingly impressive, no wonder when you have constant access to daddy’s credit card.

Stockton (both of them)-Yemen


Some remote place no-ones heard of.

Collingwood-Joey Tribbiani


Oh so fit, but mind numbingly dumb. Yes, you get laid a lot and could probably even bed Elle MacPherson, but since you secretly never ever work out you’ll probably struggle when that metabolism slows down.

St. Cuth’s-Janice


Your eternal wish to be associated with the Bailey colleges fails when you realise you’re not even actually a college, just a society. You’re only charming enough to get a guy when you’re drunk, and no one really likes you. Even so, nothing would be the same without you.

Trev’s-Chandler’s Dad


You reached your peak in the 60s, but you’ll never be trendy again. You’re slightly traumatising, but at least you’re not around enough to annoy people.

Hild Bede-Ursula Buffay


You’re the big-haired blonde chick who will inevitably end up working as a waitress, and who will probably attempt to trick guys into marrying you by lying about literally everything. You’re fit, but mean, and you’re too irrelevant and distant to ever become a central character in any plot.



It’s such a shame you’re not around to stay, you will forever be the classiest person around. You’re the one every guy wants to copy and every girl wants to date.

You’re older and wiser, and your soothing presence will forever be missed when you’re gone.



Eternally dreaming of getting in there with Hatfield, but you’re just too bizarre to stand a chance. You’re nowhere near as fit as her, and you’re such a pushover that no one will ever remember your surname. Stop being such a dreamer and just serve coffee instead.

St. Mary’s-Regina Phalange


You look like you’ve been designed by Castle, with your pretty exterior and sophisticated atmosphere. Unfortunately you’ll just never be the real deal, you will always have the potential for greatness but unfortunately it will never become reality.

St. Chad’s: Chandler Bing


You’re the Cha(n)dler Bing of Durham. No one really knows what you do, and you’ve got some serious commitment issues. Mildly desperate, you go out with the girl from Cuths that all your mates hate, but don’t worry; in the end you’ll be the guy with the most money and a wife who can deal with your weight gain and sweaty bod.

Aidan’s: Mr Heckles 15303785_10154913975867847_1522601893_o

You used to be the funniest kid in school, but then everyone forgets you exist until you die in your lonely bachelor pad with a broomstick in your hand.



You used to be Hatfield’s best friend, but then everything went downhill for you. You have already realised that your way to wealth and success will be to marry some rich dentist, so you’ve completely stopped trying being a decent, intelligent person. Also, you kind of look like the Dirty Dancing hotel, but in this case everyone puts Baby in the corner.