It’s official: Durham students really don’t care about Stockton closing down

Are you even surprised?

Durham students overwhelmingly voted for both John Snow and Stephenson as the top two colleges that you wouldn’t mind shutting down. The results came in The Tab Durham’s College Survey.

In a question answered by 1,607 of you, 261 voted for Stephenson and 236 voted for John Snow. It is not clear whether John Snow the Channel 4 News anchor or John Snow the new King of the North fared any differently.

Third came Ustinov with 210 votes. The highest college inhabited by normal age people who actually live in Durham was Hatfield, with 195 votes.

Last in the poll came Cuth’s, with 19 votes.

To see the complete results look below.


The survey is still open to anyone who hasn’t yet taken part, to vote click here.