Tristram Hunt came to talk to Durham students

The former shadow Education secretary talked politics, youth engagement and Klute

On Wednesday evening Labour MP Tristram Hunt came to speak to the Durham Labour Club. The evening consisted of discussion on the state of British politics, as well as what Labour needs to do to get back into power.

The Stoke-On-Trent MP started the evening by giving his first thoughts on Durham, as well as the look of Elvet Riverside, where the event took place.


“This must be one of the most beautiful cities in the north, and you’ve probably brought me to one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen.”

When asked about Klute, all he could say is that it looked “quite small” and politely declined an invitation to the club. He did however make a swift exit as the evening drew to an end, possibly to beat the 11 pm entrance fee.

Much of the evening consisted of his pitch on how the Labour Party could win in 2020, emphasising the lack of youth turnout.


“We in the Labour party gave a convincing offer to the youth in this country. It just wasn’t enough to offset the over 65 group.

“I think most youth vote when they start to think that there’s something important on the ballot. I had many young people in my constituency who had never voted to come and vote for the referendum.

“It’s not just politics, it’s youth membership of churches, membership of trade unions. Millennials are individualists. However you’re incredibly gregarious on social media.

“You like having meals together, you like having group experiences. It’s just a shame that those experiences don’t seem to involve a polling booth.”