Revolutionising clubbing: Introducing Café Havana

Havana-ing a good time.

Mary’s and Hild Bede third years Rory Hugill, Pete Nicholas, and Charlie Bailey are here to bring you their own little flavour to the nightlife in Durham – a night that combines all your needs across two floors. Dancing, salsa and music in one room and cocktails, socialising and eating in another.


Café Havana opens its doors for the first time this Friday. Prepare to escape the sub-zero temperatures of Durham and be transported to the chilled out sexy vibes of Cuba. Entirely for the students, by the students, Café Havana promises to cover everything a Durham student wants and craves at the end of a week stuck in the BB.


The ‘typical,’ club floor of Café Havana will offer up fun and exotic sounds set to make you groove with a DJ playing from a hand built, glowing DJ booth that mimics the colours and architecture of Havana, Cuba.

Riki Ross, Cuths 2nd year and resident DJ of Café Havana told The Tab:  “I can guarantee lots of Prince and a bunch of Cuban records I’ll finally have the chance to play.”


However, the genius part of this clubbing revolution is arguably the concept of ‘The Café’ on the other floor of Studio. Gone are the days of shivering in the rain of a smoking area, ‘The Café’ is the place for shots, snacks, and socialising.

‘The Café’ is a purpose-designed area for mingling and meeting new people in a chilled out atmosphere, therefore adding another dimension to the night. Studies suggest this will make your chirpse 92 per-cent more effective


Finally – a night that offers the chance to do the salsa? Sign me up. Café Havana is a breath of fresh air, so fill up a cocktail bucket, grab a bite and report to La Plaza for a dance or The Café to meet someone new. It’s all under one roof.