We asked people what they thought of the DSU building

Could it be any uglier?

Designed by Ove Arup, who also designed the Sydney Opera House, the DSU building is not known for its beauty. It was built to mirror the reflection of the cathedral in the river, but in reality the two buildings could not be more different. If anything, the DSU is like an ugly younger brother to the cathedral, a concrete eyesore that squats on the edge of the river, reminding everyone of the architectural apocalypse that was the 60s.

We asked passers-by for their thoughts:

Chris Eaton, 2nd year, Van Mildert


“Was probably nice when it was new- not so much any more. Also it feels completely pointless- I went to a book sale there once, that’s it.”

Lucy Forster, First year, Cuth’s, International Relationslucy-forster-cuths-ir

“Cool on the inside, ugly on the outside. But I guess it’s what’s inside that counts…”

Hannah Janmohamed, First year, Hatfield, Maths hannah-janmohamed-maths-hatfield

“You have to like it because it’s the DSU. It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship.”

Danny Richardson, 2nd year, Castle, Social Sciencesdanny-richardson-2nd-year-ssc-castle

“It has the charisma of a warthog.”

Amy Saunders, First year, Hatfield, Chemistryamy-saunders-chemistry-hatfield

“The ugliest building in Durham.”

Christian Round, 2nd year, Hatfield, Politicschristian-round-politics-2nd-year

“Like an open-casket cemetery.”

Florence Williams, 2nd year, Mary’s, French and Spanishflorence-williams-marys-2nd-year-french-and-span

“It’s… interesting.”

Ellie Ng, 2nd year, Mary’s, Englishellie-ng-marys-english-2nd-year

“Let’s be honest, it’s butt-ugly.”