Everyone you probably met in freshers week

Which one are you?

University is apparently a time where you can re-invent yourself, yet sadly, stereotypes remain a burden to many keen faced freshers. Durham is a melting pot of characters and personalities.

It just so happens that all these characters and personalities came from Surrey and went to the same school since they were seven. Regardless, here is a list of all of those who you undoubtedly met during freshers.

The one who reveals too muchfullsizerender-1

After one too many jagerbombs, and the desire to impress the attractive boy on your floor, things have gotten rather out of hand in an intense game of ‘never have I ever’.

Before you know it, you’ve revealed your deepest secrets to a room full of strangers, and are now crying in the Klute toilets about your boyfriend who’s at Exeter. Things will get better.

The undercover Bristol studentEdgy FI

Growing up in North London, going to a boarding school and yet dressing like a tramp born from the womb of Urban Outfitters is a stereotype not exclusive to Bristol University.

Durham also has it’s fair share of those who indulge in merging the lines between the classes. You wear charity shop garments and Adidas Superstars, yet you genuinely have friends called Tarquin who you went to Radley with. Are you being ironic? Maybe. Are you making a statement? Who knows.

The ‘Rah’


The signet ring. The blindingly red chinos. The high probability that you’re at Hatfield. There is sadly no escaping this horribly obvious stereotype in freshers week. Underneath it all, you’re probably alright. Branch out though; the lowly plebs aren’t too common.

The animal

Orange is the new grey

Fresher’s week may have been the second best experience of your life (after your post A-levels trip to Malia of course). There’s pres almost every night and you relish in the chance to trophy hunt; yet there lingers a darker side to this wild persona.

Chunning on the college bar may have been funny during the first week, but the disciplinary hearing is coming up, and you’re not sure if you have enough money to pay the fine.

The ‘gap yah’charlesw

Headband. Check. Harem trousers. Check. Elephant necklace that is a momentum of your truly unique trip to Bali. Check. Freshers week is essentially wasted on you; you’ve seen so much already. Everyone seems so young, so inexperienced, so without a trust fund. But secretly, a Wednesday night in Loveshack may be as epic as your sponsored climb up Mount Kilimanjaro; you just won’t admit it yet.

The sharksday drink

Whilst not a group of ‘freshers’, these ‘frep’ predators live for the young prey witnessed in the intoxicated at the end of the first week. Like a perverted version of Cinderella, you’ve been counting off the seconds before the shackles of responsibility are released at midnight.

All those early mornings of banging pots and pans suddenly seem worth it now the fresh know your name.