Everything you’ll understand if you go to Collingwood

Don’t even try to steal our stag’s antlers

The king of the hill and the college every boring Bailey dweller wishes they had applied to. Here’s the things only true Woodsmen and Woodswomen will understand:


DJ Snare

The legend that is DJ Snare. With his crazy head gear, his mad songs and memorable performances. It isn’t a social, formal or Collingwood Day without the man himself spinning the decks.


Wood n Spoon 

The temple of all Durham toastie bars, when a fellow Woodsman is hungry they look no further than the JCR toastie shop. There’s no dish that encompasses homely comforts than the infamous ‘Gareth’, which is a smooth mixture of chocolate, cheese and marshmallow between two slices of bread. Mmm.


Colin G Wood

Our mascot who is everywhere! Some poor sod is always running around in this full body suit, it seems cool at first but lets face it, this is sweaty business.

Our stag means a lot to us, so much that we are whacking out hundreds of pounds worth of fines for anyone that tries to touch those antlers again!


Learning the tragic dance routine in Freshers

We’ve all been there… “Up, down, left, right, left” (you can hear that annoying song in your head). But hey, what other way to make new friends than synchronised dance moves within minutes of meeting?


Jelliot’s Outfits

The old ‘Our principal is better than yours chat’ comes into play here. Watch out at every social for Professor Joe Eliot to wear the best and wackiest outfits, whether he is dressed in a full Donald Duck suit for the Disney social or Darth Vader last week for Starwood, that man knows how to dress!


Mark Hillary Mad Ones  

Are the rumours true? Will the one and only Mark Hillary be returning to Collingwood to charitably and nobly splash some cash in the bar. Only a true Woodsman would know how excited to get at hearing the whispers of this name.


Collingwood College Fashion Show

Fittest college? Debatable but most probably. The hype up to the fashion show is not one to be ignored. We can spot numerous boys in the gym ‘bulking’ and many a girl strutting her stuff. College starts to have a pungent whiff of fake tan surprisingly…


The Dinner ladies

The wonderful dinner ladies. It’s all fun and games before you try and sneak two bananas out of the door and they’re on to you in a flash.


Willy the BNOC 

We all know Willy, our beloved photographer, although everyone seems to recognise him now since he is a national BNOC.


Sneaky trips to the Botanical Gardens

Those evening trips for fresh air and scenic walks… never to be mistaken as anything but innocent.


Formals & Fancy dress

The bombardment of fancy dress formals and the frantic Whatsapp chat to decide what the gang is going to go as together. We’re talking Disney, Under the Sea, Halloween, Winter Solstice, Starwood – the works. What even are formal dinners?


Collingwood Day, the essence of Collingwood life.  

There’s no doubt that it puts all other college days to shame. We drink all day and we drink all night – Wood and proud.