We asked Durham students what advice they would give their fresher self

‘Don’t try to become a DJ’

With university life officially underway for everyone, you’re already second guessing what and who you’ve done so fa. We asked those with a bit more experience what advice they would give themselves as a first year, looking back retrospectively on all the mistakes they made.

Lucy Pugh, Economics and Maths, Van Mildert, 3rd Year


“Go to my lectures and eat less potatoes.”

Indranuj Dutta, LLM specialising in Corporate Finance, Josephine Butler, Post Grad


“Be careful and study a lot.”

Geng Tao, Finance, Josephine Butler, Post Grad


“Work hard, play hard!”

Rob Golson, Maths, Cuths, 2nd Year


“Keep busy – do everything. I missed home loads in the first term so it really helped to stay busy – my parents ended up getting pissed off because I never contacted them.”

Izzy Mitchell, Engineering, Van Mildert, 3rd Year


“Its okay to say no to things. Its really intense here – in a good way – but you need time to breathe.”

Hussain Ali, Economics, Conor White, English and Philosophy, Ed Pollock, Economics, Collingwood, 3rd Years


“Don’t try to become a DJ.”

“Don’t call Professor Green a c*nt.”

“Don’t have a top knot.”

Ludo Higgin, Economics, Hatfield, 3rd Year.


“I don’t have any advice for myself. I smashed it.”