We asked Durham first years about their freshers’ regrets

All will be forgiven

Robert Logan, 19, Theology


“I got really drunk, then came home and puked whilst I was in my dressing gown and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks. When I got up the next day my vomit had been cleaned up by a sympathetic housemate.”

Kristina Novakovic, 18, History


“I was getting changed in my room and forgot to close the curtains. I looked up to find that I had been flashing the builders across the road.”

Myles Wood, 19, Philosophy


“Me and a mate tried to steal a flag from Hatfield. We were caught leaving the premises by a porter, who promptly kicked us out.”

Piers Beesley, 18, Anthropology


“I got absolutely off my face one night and fell down an entire flight of stairs, did a roly poly and then crashed through this glass door here.”

Rahul Prakash, 18, History


“I went to Jimmy’s, got smashed and ended up talking to the bouncer about Ugandan politics for the last hour of my night.”

SoHi Yoon, 19, Biomedical Sciences


“My flatmates came into the kitchen after a night out to find me sitting on the floor eating their bread and cheese. They were not amused.”

Mungo Patterson, 18, History


“I lost at odds-on and had to eat a daddy long legs.”

Haopeng Li, 18, Physics and Computer Science


“I can’t remember Freshers week”. Legend.