We asked Newcastle students what they think of Durham students

“Cleverer than us”

We ventured out of the Durham bubble to find out what our noisy neighbours really think of us.

Kristina Altunina, 21, 4th year, Fashion Design


“I’ve never met anyone from Durham.”


Dom Crawley, fresher, 18, Medicinedom

“Durham seems a bit dull. It’s really quiet.”


Alisha Mahtani, 17, Fresher, Media, Communication and Cultural Studiesalisha

“I have no idea about them. They seem like studious people.”

Jumoke falana, fresher, 19, Media, Communication and Cultural Studiesjumoke

“Where even is Durham?”

Grace Padden, 19, Fresher, Biologygrace

“Posh wankers.”

Eloise Jane, fresher, 18, Medicineeloise

“I have a few friends there and they’re great but also posh and clever.”

Jack Brennan, fresher, 19, Chemical engineeringjack

“They probably think they’re better than us.”

Lucy Atwood, fresher, 18, Architecturelucy

“They’re alright. I’ve never met any of them.”

Anita Benko, second year, 21, Marketinganita

“I’ve never been there. It’s a bit small.”

Emily Waller, fresher, 18, Geography and Politicsbold

“Cambridge rejects, and Oxford too. Probably quite posh. Virgins.”

Laura Carver, second year, 19, Geographylaura

“Cleverer than us.”

Alex Logan, second year, 20, Lawalex

“More sensible than us and posh.”