Durham landlords warning after ‘Killer Clowns’ are spotted in students’ gardens

They’re taking the issue ‘extremely seriously’

Student letting agency JW Wood has warned its tenants about reports of ‘Killer Clowns’ sightings in front and back gardens of their properties.

An email was sent out this morning asking students to take the issue “extremely seriously” and that if they see a clown in their garden or near the house they should immediately call the police instead of reporting it to JW Wood’s emergency plumber.

An email to all of JW Wood’s tenants said:

“We have received a number of phone calls reporting sightings of Clowns in front and rear gardens. You will be aware of the latest social media craze however to reiterate the issue is being taken extremely seriously and should you see a clown within your garden or surrounding the property, you should immediately report the matter to the police.

“I am sure you will understand that entering a property, even the garden without the permission of the owner or tenant with the intent to scare or intimidate the occupants, is a criminal offence.”

The creepy clown sightings started in August when a clown in South Carolina was spotted trying to lure children into the woods. Local residents responded by shooting blindly into the woods.  The craze then spread to American campuses, where alerts about “armed and knife wielding clowns” has led to riots, lock-downs, and dorm evacuations.

The copy cat pranks have now reached the UK. Last week, another clown was spotted in Chester-Le Street, County Durham, chasing schoolchildren with a knife. Other sightings of clowns threatening schoolchildren have been reported in Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Belfast.

JW Wood reiterated in their email that “entering a property, or even a garden, without the permission of the owner of tenant with the intent to scare or intimate the occupants, is a criminal offence.”