Former Durham lecturer admits to series of sexual offences

The astrophysicist admitted to filming beneath young girls’ skirts

Yesterday Dr Jeremy Allington-Smith, 59, told Durham Crown Court that for the last five years he has being filming underneath unsuspecting young women’s skirts.

Over 300 indecent images were found on his phone by the police following a warrant to search his home last year.

Further to this, Allington-Smith, who suffers from parkinson’s and uses a stick to help him walk, has also admitted to owning 688 still and moving images of children on his home computer. These were collected between July 2008 and October 2015, and are of the worst category.

2,453 further indecent images of children were also found in his possession.

A paedophile manual on how to sexually abuse children was also in his home, as was a video of a woman performing a private act, without her knowing she was being filmed.

Judge Christopher Prince said of the case: “There are 360 moving image clips taken from a smart phone or small camera being held down low as the defendant walks along the street – almost exclusively of young women wearing short skirts . . . in shops or walking up the steps.”

He has been places on the sex offenders’ register, and will be sentenced further on January 20th.

In the meantime, he is prohibited from using anything which is able to take images outside of his own home, and tight restrictions on his internet have been placed.