Durham graduates create app that helps you join societies

They’ve even got an office in London

Most of us have a million pound idea for an app sometime in their life, but most of us don’t turn it into a reality.

That didn’t put off Hector and Archie Judd, two Durham graduates from Collingwood, who are looking to take societies into the digital age.


Too hungover to go to freshers fair? Interested in seeing what your friends are doing? Or just want to find a new group to join? Sokap aims to make all that much easier.

The two brothers have been working on the app since April and have been working in a London office for the past two months.


Hector, who graduated in June said: “We both really enjoyed our time in clubs and societies at Durham and want to help them maximise their exposure and encourage involvement.

“Our aim is to provide a platform that makes the process of signing up to societies easier for students. The app will allow students to browse societies and find out how to get involved all in one place.

“We will be launching at fresher’s week this year.”