Library Baby’s mum just gave birth to her second child

She smashed out her diss with a baby bump and a two year-old on her knee

He has his own nickname, he has his own campus card, and now Durham’s famous Library Baby has a baby brother. Nathan Edwards announced on Facebook today that his ‘superhuman wife’ Anna, who had just graduated with a Theology degree, has given birth to their second child Reuben.

lib baby

Teddy, the original Library Baby

Anna is certainly a superhuman. She was pregnant with Library Baby Teddy in her first year at Durham and was forced to sit out some of her exams due to morning sickness. Library Baby earned his big name because Anna brought him into the Bill Bryson whilst studying in second year.

Anna has now graduated with a 2:1 in Theology despite being pregnant with her second baby in her final year and is currently about to apply for a Master’s student at St Andrews.

lib baby card

He even had his own campus card

What’s worse, Durham had never encountered a student like Anna before, so she struggled with the lack of changing facilities, maternity leave, and nursing. Anna said it was “a stressful existence. At times I just wanted to give up and drop out.” Let this be a reality check to any student complaining about essays or exams.


Baby Reuben

Durham resident Anna met her husband aged 18 when he was a third year studying Maths at Durham. Two years later, Anna was pregnant with Library Baby. She dreamed of a home birth and even bought a pool and “loads of fairy lights” – instead, she had to be induced and kept in hospital for five days.


However, with the new baby, Anna achieved the home birth she had planned for. According to her husband Nathan, she gave birth to the 8 lbs baby “on a couple of paracetamol, with barely a wince and catching him herself.”