Desperate NUS emails begging Durham to stay

The email was sent to everyone on the NUS Extra mailing list

The NUS have targeted Durham students on their NUS-Extra mailing list, as the DSU holds a referendum on whether to remain affiliated with the NUS.

The email came from an embattled union that has lost similar referendum votes in Newcastle, Hull and Lincoln.

nus email

The personalised message was sent to anyone on the NUS Extra card mailing list. It claimed that holding their card saved you “£146, 124.” The referendum results will be end on June 10th.

The email echoes similar efforts by the NUS at Oxford. There the campaign to remain part of the union denied any knowledge of the emails.

On their Facebook page they wrote: “This was contrary to OUSU’s Returning Officer’s ruling, which stated that NUS mailing lists could not be used for campaigning during the referendum period.

“We now understand that NUS had been made aware of this ruling in advance.” It is unknown whether the DSU has similar rules, yet our President has publicly backed a ‘No’ vote.
Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 19.08.04Millie Tanner wrote on her private Facebook page: “You’ll see a lot of people (myself included) encouraging you to vote a certain way.

“But my plea is to read, read, and read more about the issue, and then make an informed decision.” Millie then linked, what she called “admittedly biased,” articles.

The President did not link information that had claimed the NUS had acted improperly in other referendums. For example, a national paper carried reports that the NUS were apparently “harassing and intimidating” Exeter students.

It followed a call from 50 “leaders” within the uni who demanded disaffiliation. One signatory, former presidential candidate, Jade Azim, hit back.NUSJade told The Tab: “These are the same tactics the NUS has used everywhere. They will not allow for a fair fight. We are up against machinery that is simply not available to us. What’s more is the disingenuous nature of the email.

“There are plenty of discounts available using your student card alone. Don’t let their tactics win here in Durham, or anywhere else.”

The DSU were contacted for comment and said that they did not feel the email was appropriate and are investigating the matter further.

The referendum is online and the options are No (to remain part of the NUS) and Yes (to leave the NUS).