Boris Johnson chatted to us about the EU, the NUS, Doxbridge, and lager

He struggled with the Lager question

Everybody’s favourite floppy-haired tory, Boris Johnson, visited Chester-Le-Street as part of the Vote Leave campaign, where he and Sir Ian Botham were promoting Brexit.

BJ also stopped to meet and play cricket with some of Durham University’s pro-Brexit Students for Britain campaigners.

The Tab managed to grab the Tory leader hopeful for a few words.


The Tab: What are the key reasons students should vote leave?

BJ: Looking at our country in 10, 20, 30 years… I think it will be a great country, it will be better if we restore health to our democracy, our ability to control our economy, and I think we should vote leave if we believe in Britain and our ability to take back control and do things better – and we can.

At the moment the EU is a complete microclimate of low growth, it’s had lower growth than any continent except Antarctica – it’s absolutely true. The Euro is a disaster, they’re trying to prop it up now by creating a sort of United States of Europe, it’s a thoroughly bad idea.

We can still be leaders in Europe, but we can do it at an intergovernmental level. We just cooperate with our friends and partners, we offer help and support on foreign policy, on defence, on security, counter-terrorism, intelligence – all that stuff, Britain leads; and we will continue to do that.

When it comes to trade, we work with free trade – that’s what we do… One of the fascinating things is that it’s countries outside the EU that have done better than us at selling into the EU, both goods and services. The EU for us is a declining market – that doesn’t mean it’s not important, it’s massively important, but we’ve also got to look at markets around the world.

So, if you’re ambitious for this country, if you believe in this country, if you believe in democracy, and us making our laws that govern this country and our way of life then vote leave.


The Tab: Perfect, just a couple of smaller questions – what’s your favourite lager?

BJ: Favourite Lager…

The Tab: Well I saw you had a pint in your hand earlier.

BJ: That was bitter I think… London Pride, that’s what I drink.

The Tab: Oxbridge or Doxbridge?

BJ: (Laughs) I think Doxbridge… Doxbridge, Doxbridge, Doxbridge!


The Tab: And finally any thoughts on the NUS disaffiliation campaigns, as that’s something coming up in Durham quite soon?

BJ: Um… Are you anti-NUS?

The Tab: Personally, yes.

BJ: Well you’ve got to be very careful about how you turn that into an acronym, that’s the only advice I can give you.

The Tab: Thanks so much Boris.

BJ: Take care.