Exams ‘postponed’ as power cut plunges Durham into darkness

One invigilator said: ‘Have a nap or something’

  • Some exams have been apparently suspended.
  • Over 1000 properties affected.
  • Billy B card entrances and exits stopped working.
  • All barriers have now been opened
  • WiFi down across uni.

As hundreds of students prepared to sit their afternoon exams, a massive power cut left parts of Durham totally cut off from electricity.

Some exams have been reportedly suspended or postponed with one invigilator telling those waiting to sit their papers: “We don’t know how long it will be, have a nap or something.” The Tab is awaiting further details on how many exams were affected by the power outage.

In a statement Northern Power said: “We are currently allocating the job of restoring power to our engineers who will be shortly travelling to the area.” The ‘shortly’ may concern concern to those still busy revising in the library which has seen 50% left without light, and none with any internet.

Billy B, whose new card machines once were so fancy they sorted students into Harry Potter houses, were forced to manually let people in and out after the machines stopped working.

Collingwood, which has no power and the automatic doors for the main entrance have been unable to open, sent an email to students. It said “We are aware of a power outage currently at Collingwood. This is affecting most of Durham city.

“It has been caused by a problem on the electricity network and Northern Power network are aware of it. They have given 4pm as an estimate for this to be restored. Apologies for any inconvenience.”