Durham ranked sixth best uni in the country

Finally a ranking that makes sense

Durham has been crowned the sixth best university in the country by the Guardian.

The lefty paper said over 83 per cent of Durham students went into a career just six months after the finished uni.

We also came third for geography and environmental studies, sports science, second for forensic science and archaeology and first for English in the country. The rankings also revealed 37 per cent of Durham went to private school.

We achieved an overall score of 84.9, with just under 90 per cent of students saying they were satisfied with their course and the same figure for being satisfied with their teaching. But, only 72 per cent were satisfied with their feedback.

We solidified our place as sixth in the rankings, our same placing as last year after falling two places two years ago.

We beat rivals Exeter, who dropped out of the top 10, but were beaten, somehow, by Loughborough who flew seven places up to fourth.