Nazi Graffiti targets Durham student homes and boathouses

They wrote ‘Rape Ali’ on Moatside

Racist and Nazi graffiti targeted at least FOUR different locations in Durham this weekend.

Students have been left shocked and disgusted by swastikas and upside down crosses painted on doors of student accommodation, and the words “rape Ali” were scrawled on a wall with an arrow pointing underneath.

College boathouses, as well as student accommodation were targeted by “twattish teens” according to a resident in one of the vandalised houses.

13211151_10154411163157697_1203512679_oSeveral victims have claimed that this latest action is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. Rebecca Sharkey, a Hatfield fourth year, and a resident told The Tab: “There was a swastika on the door when we first moved in, but it was faded as the estate agent tried to scrub it off.

“They finally painted over it during the easter break but obviously someone has come back and painted it on. It worries me because it’s only on a few doors so it looks as though we have been targeted by someone.”

Of the houses on Moatside, only House Number One escaped racist daubing. Although Moatside has no CCTV camera, the vandals have been reported to the police and the matter has been passed to the council.

13230768_10154411162947697_1907800844_o (1)Kitty Briggs, a Collingwood Third Year Anthropologist, told The Tab: “This is the second time that we’ve been vandalised. The first time it was penises and upside down crosses, but now it’s swastikas and violent phrases.

“We’re not sure who it is or why our houses are targeted, but knowing that someone who would spread symbols of hate like that was so close to being in our house is a bit scary. And our house in particular always seems to be different.”


Several boathouses along the river also fell victim to graffiti vandalism. The Hatfield boathouse was daubed with a swastika and an SS sign painted on their doors. Shockingly, there was also a crude drawing of a monkey with the words “Muslim monkey” and “Auschwitz” written on the walls.

Van Mildert boathouse was also a victim of the attack. It comes after local vandals caused hundreds of pounds in damage to the Collingwood boathouse landing stage during the Easter break. That incident was also reported to the police, but the vandals haven’t been caught.

Alex Hall, Collingwood boathouse captain, told The Tab: “Unnecessary and unprovoked vandalism like this adds more to a long list of things college rowers have to deal with, when in summer term they just want to be on the water, not dealing with fixing landing stages and painting over graffiti.”

Both the university and the police were informed by the boathouse captains on Sunday evening, when the incident came to light.


This comes in a time of national debate of anti-Semitism in British universities. Simon Zeffert, Hatfield Second Year, and the President of the Durham University Jewish Society told The Tab:

“It’s deeply disturbing to see these disgusting symbols being graffitied in Durham. It doesn’t just affect Jewish people, it’s hostile to all students. I’ll be swiftly reporting it to the Community Security Trust.”